Space cameras

Sodern offers state-of-the art cameras adapted to all missions (Space surveillance, inspection, rendez-vous & navigation) from LEO to GEO.

Our cameras benefit from over fifty years of Sodern experience in space equipment development (Auriga and high end star trackers), at the service of the largest space agencies and the main satellites manufacturers in the world, but also start-ups and new space constellations.

Camera portfolio

Auricam, our most versatile camera, is well-suited for a wide range of missions, with optimized SWAP, achieving high level detection and delivering excellent image quality thanks to a 4M pixel CMOS sensor.

Thanks to its high-magnitude capabilities, made possible by an advanced detector cooling system, HiCAM is the ideal solution for SSA and Navigation missions requiring exceptional performances, high detecting magnitude up to 12, and longevity from LEO to GEO.

Sodern offers high end camera solutions, specifically designed to address challenging and complex environments, allowing stringent navigation from Mars orbit to Jupiter’s moons.

Systems Overview

D35 & D80 & D8
Monitoring & Landing
D35 & D80
D35 & D80 & D8
Exploration & Science


Auricam : Versatile space cameras

Auricam has been designed to cover a wide range of missions, such as space surveillance and detection (SSA, SDA), In-Orbit Services and Navigation, for a 15 years lifetime.

Available in two fields of view to meet all operational needs in an optimised SWAP, achieving high level detection (up to magnitude 8) and delivering excellent image quality thanks to a 4M pixel CMOS sensor:

  • D35: Excellent detection and imaging with a 35° diagonal field of view.
  • D80: wider 80° diagonal field of view for applications requiring greater coverage, such as monitoring or rendez-vous services.
  • Options available: OGSE, VHDL+, Numerical Model.

Auricam D35

Auricam D80


DALL·E 2023-10-31 12.00.00 - Wide photo showing the asteroid and the satellite from a distant perspective, focusing on the entire scene. The asteroid appears smaller, and the sate

HiCAM : Space Detection Camera

HiCAM has been specificaly designed to address space surveillance and detection (SSA, SDA) missions.

Based on our Hydra star trackers optics and our high heritage on NAC ERO, HiCAM offers a high object magnitude up to 12, with a specific detector cooling system.

HiCAM has a 17° field of view, delivering target imaging and centroiding with a 1M pixel sensor.

Scientific missions


Scientific missions : JUICE & MSR

Our navigation cameras are designed specificaly to meet your needs. We work in all orbits, including highly complex environments (radiation, straylight, mechanical and thermal constraints…).
Our 25+ years of experience in the domain of space cameras led us to develop optimized cameras for specific missions:

  • NAVCAM, for the ESA JUICE mission : Launched in 2022, this camera will provide images of the Jupiter moons against a star background in order to optimize the guidance and accuracy control for flyovers within a highly radioactive environment.
  • NARROW ANGLE CAMERA, for the ESA Earth Return Orbiter (Mars Sample Return) mission : The NAC camera has the crucial task to locate the orbiting sample around the very bright Mars orbit at a distance of 2000 to 3000 Km.

In a pursuit of the unknown, we strive for excellency and scientific prowess.