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The compact star tracker Auriga TM is specifically designed for small satellites constellations.

(Centralized Processing)
  • Auriga CP is composed of an optical head which integrates image pre-processing
  • The software provided by Sodern is implemented in the satellite’s on-board computer and enables three optical heads to be processed at the same time
  • The star tracker software is implemented in a specific electronic unit, supplied by Sodern
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Summary :
Budget estimate for HYDRA ACCESS
Budget estimate for AURIGA-CP
Tête(s) optique(s)
Between 48 and 59 k€
Budget estimate for AURIGA-SA
Tête(s) optique(s)
Between 48 and 60 k€
Unité(s) électronique(s)
Approximately 45 k€
Budget estimate for HORUS
Budget estimate for HYDRA-CP
Budget estimate for HYDRA-M
Budget estimate for HYDRA-TC
Budget estimate for HYDRA
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