Sodern is a long-standing and strategic supplier to the French Armed Forces Ministry.
Through extremely complex products, we are proud to contribute to reinforcing France’s national sovereignty, as well as the sovereignty of Europe.

Military neutron tubes

Since 1962, Sodern has developed and produced highly complex neutron solutions requiring exceptional technological and scientific mastery, in the service of national sovereignty.

Focal planes

For over thirty years, Sodern has been developing and producing the core of French Earth observation satellites: the focal planes.

From Helios to CSO, Sodern conceived the “retina” of optical imagery intelligence satellites. The CSO satellites, the most recent of which are currently operated by the Armed Forces Ministry, offer very high resolution and exceptional capacity.

Daytime star trackers

Since 2016, Sodern has been developing star trackers which operate both day and night and are capable of determining the precise location of the aircraft on which they are installed. This system will enable French military planes to be completely autonomous, even if their satellite positioning systems are scrambled or unavailable.

M51 star trackers

Sodern develops and produces star trackers for M51 sea-launched ballistic missiles. These star trackers are exceptional in terms of reliability, resistance to extreme environments and performance.

Intruder detectors

At the request of the Armed Forces Ministry, Sodern is developing and producing intrusion detectors, i.e. cameras which are able to detect and observe the approach of a foreign satellite. We also equip France’s Syracuse 4A and 4B military telecommunications satellites.