Our ambition

Put our pioneering spirit to the benefits of security
and exploration for both Earth and Space

We have contributed to
space missions
We have deployed
star trackers in orbit
We have deployed
neutron analysis systems

Discover how…

Sodern enables missions that benefit to all of us.

Our space solutions contribute to successful missions for our customers. These lead to better understanding of the climate, Internet access for everyone, geolocation tools, reasoned architecture and other essential day to day services.

Our neutron technology enables greater ecological and economic efficiency in the natural resource enhancement process.

Our defense technologies contribute to the sovereignty of France and Europe.

About Sodern

Sodern draws on more than fifty years of experience in optronics and neutron technology to design innovative and competitive solutions for stakeholders in space, defense, industry and research. A world leader in star trackers and neutron systems for analyzing and detecting materials, Sodern is internationally recognized for its expertise in very high technology equipment. Subsidiary of the European leader in access to space, ArianeGroup, Sodern employs more than 450 highly qualified people.


Press release: Sodern reveals its new range of Auricam cameras
“November 08, 2023 – Sodern is pleased to announce the launch of the Auricam range of compact space cameras suitable for all orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO), at reduced cost and deliverable within a few weeks of order. The versatile Auricam cameras have been designed to cover a wide range of missions, such as space surveillance
Hydra Access: a high-end star tracker available off-the-shelf
The Hydra Access tracker is the latest addition to the well-known Hydra range of high-end star trackers. Offering exceptional quality and resilience, Hydra trackers have been flown on major institutional and scientific missions for several countries, as well as on telecommunication and observation satellites in all orbits for 12 years. Hydra Access is a standardized