Space optronics

Sodern is a world leader in space optronics. What is it and how is it useful?

Optronics refers to all systems which combine both optics and electronics. Sodern designs this type of equipment, which is adapted for use in space. For example, our products include star trackers, cameras or other instruments set on board satellites or space probes.

Our products contribute to missions which have varied and essential goals: to understand the climate in order to be able to fight global warming, to anticipate and monitor climate disasters, to forecast the weather, to provide day to day services, support French sovereignty and more.

Star Trackers enable space vehicles to orient themselves in space
Essential for proper functioning of satellites in space

What is a star tracker?

A star tracker is a system which is made up of cameras and a complex electronics and software unit, which enable a satellite or space vehicle to know its orientation. Our star trackers are therefore the “guides” for satellites which operate in the Earth’s orbit or which explore our solar system.

How Sodern enables missions that benefit to all of us on Earth

Climate study & weather forecasting
Our star trackers and optronic instruments are installed on board numerous international climate study missions. Almost half the data which scientists have on climate change can only be accessed from space: without space instruments, humanity would not be able to understand our climate and to try to preserve it.
Security & defense
Our optronic instruments are installed on board military optical intelligence and telecommunications satellites. Intelligence satellites enable France to have its own independent situation assessment and to not depend on information provided by other governments. Telecommunications satellites enable our armed forces to communicate in complete security.
Our optronic instruments are set on board geolocation satellite constellations. Thanks to them, millions of smartphones and electronic devices - including yours - can operate every day.
Internet coverage
We equip satellites and satellite constellations which deploy television, and soon the Internet, everywhere around the world, helping to reduce the digital gap and boost all territories.

For a sustainable and committed space

At Sodern, we defend a sustainable vision of space.

We believe in a use of space sector which does not generate any debris or pollution in space, in order to preserve the Earth’s orbit for future generations.

We believe in a space which works for citizens’ essential concerns: provide useful services on a daily basis, study the climate, advance science, strengthen national sovereignty and more.

Sodern is a member of the SpacEarth initiative, a coalition of European space industry companies, who share the same values and implement them on a daily basis. 

Discover our common vision on the SpacEarth website.