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“January 31st 2023 – Sodern is pleased to announce the launch of an upgraded version of the Auriga™ star tracker and of a new 26° baffle.

The Auriga™ star tracker is packed with the latest high-tech components and is optimized for the small satellite markets of less than 500kg and for New Space projects as of 6U. The new version of Auriga™ offers improved optical performance and a thicker casing for enhanced protection against radiation. These improvements allow a lifetime of over 15 years in geostationary orbit and 10 years in low Earth orbit (LEO 400-1,200km). In addition to the 35° baffle, a 26° baffle is now available.”

Find the full press release by clicking below:

Press release: Auriga™ star tracker

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The International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research & Industry and the Symposium of Nothsteastern Accelerator Particule brings together scientists, engineers, professors, physicians and students from all over the world who use particle accelerators in their research and industrial applications.
On this occasion, Sodern presents two research concerns carbon nanotubes applications on ion source:

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Sodern was at the SmallSat NewSpace show in Logan, Utah, USA. The company showcases not only its products (Auriga star tracker, space cameras) but also its history and its capacity of permanent innovation.

On this occasion, Satellite Evolution Global (UK) and Utah Public Radio (USA) conducted interviews on Sodern.

Find below the Satellite Evolution Global article and the Utah Public Radio column:

Satellite Evolution Global – August 22

60-year-old company shows off star tracker at Small Sat | UPR Utah Public Radio

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In 1962 Sodern, the engineering and nuclear realization company was founded. The company was created to perform a strategic mission: design and build the core of France’s nuclear weapons, the “neutron initiators”. Sodern succeeded in mastering this highly complex know-how and is still today the only company to have this expertise in France.

On the back of this success, France and Europe entrusted the young company with other complex projects, including cutting-edge scientific instruments lying at the heart of the French Earth observation satellites, and disruptive military technologies. 60 years later, Sodern remains true to this technological pioneering legacy, and builds exceptional instruments for the armed forces and space agencies such as NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and CNES (French Space Agency). From Mars to Venus and Jupiter, Sodern’s instruments have journeyed throughout the Solar system.

But while this technological excellence runs through the company’s blood, it is not an end in itself. Sodern’s goal is two-fold: to stimulate disruptive innovations both for French sovereignty and for private markets, and to become the world leader in its fields of activity. This is a real challenge, demanding the perfect balance between quality and competitiveness.”

Find the full Press Kit here: 60 years of transformation. At the heart of sovereignty, at the front of new space: story of a S.M.E. that has become a world leader.