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The 54th edition of the International Paris Air Show, organized by SIAE, a subsidiary of GIFAS, will take place from June 19th to 25th, 2023, at the Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Center.

Sodern will exhibit for the first time: outdoor location B-3.

For the first time before institutions and the general public, Sodern demonstrates its new daytime star tracker at the International Paris Air Show.

Combining an inertial unit and a star tracker, Sodern has developed an innovative solution capable of providing precise and drift-free localization by eliminating sky brightness to view stars 24/7. Unlike traditional satellite-based positioning systems, the daytime star tracker is resilient to jamming and spoofing, making it a significant asset in various military situations and operations, such as coastal approaches by ships.

Sodern offers a new reliable and invulnerable technology that contributes to safe and autonomous navigation for all types of aircraft or vessels, both civilian and military.

Sodern has developed this daytime star targeting solution for dual applications. “As we usually do at Sodern, the objective is to develop a dual-use technology that, starting from a military requirement, can be adapted for civilian use. This solution showed at the SIAE exhibition would be a great asset for drones, stratospheric balloons, as well as merchant ships or even land vehicles to prevent malicious acts or when approaching high-risk areas,” comments Jean-Marc Espinasse, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at Sodern.

Don’t miss the demonstration of geolocation without the use of radio navigation signals.

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